Stella Lab – Manage your work life balance


Dr. Le Loarne-Lemaire, Head of the FERE (Female Entrepreneurship for a Renewes Economy) Research Chair
DBA Candidate, Stacy Brecht, partnered with Stella Labs Accelerator in San Diego, California
worked on a work-life balance and time management academic research study.

Check out some of their tips and findings in the videos below!

  1. Commandment #1: Work-Life Balance Matters
  2. Commandment #2: Solidify Availability
  3. Commandment #3: Communicate Availability
  4. Commandment #4: Try to Actually Step Away Physically and Mentally from Work in Scheduled Time Blocks for Other Roles
  5. Commandment #5: Understand the Work-Life Balance of Business Partners, Especially When Working Globally
  6. Commandment #6: Manage Stress
  7. Commandment #7: Organize Your Work Day Depending on Your Venture’s Stage of Growth
  8. Commandment #8: Delegate at Work
  9. Commandment #9: Delegate at Home Too
  10. Commandment #10: Renegotiate the Psychological Contract with Your Spouse